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Building the Bridge Campaign

In 2014, The Literacy Center celebrated 40 years of providing literacy instruction to Lowcountry adults. As part of our celebration, we launched our Building the Bridge Campaign to address both immediate and long-term needs resulting from increased demand for our services, decreases in federal and grant funding and increased costs in operating.


Though our year-long celebration has now passed, our needs have not. We continue to seek donations that will help us fulfill our mission and continue our Building the Bridge Campaign.


We need your help.


While the number of adults seeking literacy services continues to grow, overall funding for literacy programs continues to drop. In fact, funding for adult literacy programs decreased by $6 million in 2011 (ProLiteracy Member Statistical Report). During tough economic times, the need for adult literacy grows even more important.


Literacy is a great equalizer. It’s opportunity. It’s hope. It provides a means for families to achieve self-reliance. Regardless of where you stand on the issues of poverty or immigration, it makes sense to lessen the burden we all share of taking care of individuals who, for lack of literacy skills, are unable to take care of themselves. Helping all individuals learn to read, write and speak English, whether it’s their native language or a second language, makes it possible for people to further their education, obtain family-supporting employment, pay their fair share of taxes, get off welfare, become a citizen, appropriately use healthcare services, and positively influence and promote the education of their children and future generations. When adults learn to read and write, they’re empowered to transform their lives. It simply makes sense to support programs that teach the critical life skills that lead to self-reliance.


We ask that you consider a gift to The Literacy Center. By supporting TLC and the hundreds of students we serve every year, you have the power to influence the economic future of our region. Your gift will have a lasting impact on the community and on future generations. With your help, we can bridge the literacy gap in Beaufort County.


If you would like more information or would like to make a donation greater than $3,000, please call our administrative office at (843) 815-6616.