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Literacy Legacy Society



Preserving TLC for Generations of Adults and Families!

There are many simple ways to make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime but will help adults and families become literate forever. Building an endowment is vital to TLC’s mission to strengthen literacy in Beaufort County by providing people with the skills to be successful in the community, workplace and family.


Please read about our planned giving programs and ways you can Leave a Legacy® to The Literacy Center. Gifts of $10,000 or more may be placed in a named endowment fund in memory of and/or used for a specific program. Please notify TLC of your plans so you may be honored as a member of The Literacy Center’s Empowering Adults and Families Through Literacy Legacy Society. It is important TLC understand your wishes so they may be realized properly!

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Have you ever wondered how you will be remembered? Many of us are of the age where we often consider that question, now that we may be retired and not getting daily feedback through our jobs on our value and reinforcement of what we have achieved. Certainly many of us will have our legacy from the families we have raised. But for many of us, the important contributions we have made are connected to where we have donated our time and where we have given financial support. But while more than 80% of Americans give to charities while alive, less than 5% leave a bequest to their favorite charities.


Here are some ways to leave a wonderful legacy from your estate to increase adult and family literacy in the greater Beaufort County area by supporting TLC to provide leadership, create awareness, and offer quality instructional services:

Empowering Adults Through Literacy Legacy Society