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The Tucker Family Literacy Challenge


Our first-ever Tucker Family Literacy Challenge
was a tremendous success!


“The Tucker family is grateful for the response to our challenge. The gift of reading and writing is one which most of us take for granted — until we see the work which The Literacy Center does for so many of our neighbors! What a wonderful organization, worthy of all the support it received. On behalf of our family, thank you!”

— The Tom and Carol Tucker Family 


Tom & Carol Tucker Family

The Tom and Carol Tucker Family

Congratulations to the lucky donors who won $100 gift certificates to Hilton Head Island’s award-winning waterfront Ela’s Blu Water Grille:


  • Wilma Benton of Bluffton
  • Becky Smith of Hilton Head Island





Terry and Sansing McPherson
Tom and Carol Tucker 



Fred and Vivian Burt
Brian and Gloria Carmines



Don and Terri Brashears
Buck and Karen Edwards
Dr. Joseph Glas
Bob Taylor



Wilma Benton
Tom Jones
Mary Ellen McConnell
Tony and Wendy Schlegel
Willis Shay



Lauri Allenbach
Sondra Ammeen
Arnold & Company/Stanley Cocke
Peggy Arrington
Jim and Meredith Bannon
Barbara Bates
Vickie Baumann
Karl Becker
Jordan and Maria Berliner
Joanne Bobiak
Ingrid Burch
Michelle Casey
Mark Cavallo
Alexander Cruden
Kathy Cypher
John Farrington
Stephen Fee
Terry Hicks
Ford Hutchinson
Patricia Kenworthy
Leona Liberty
Lowcountry Presbyterian
Barbara Martin
Elizabeth McClellan
Duncan McPherson
Michelle Niles
Bill and Marion Payne
Michael Powers
Bill Raisch
Charlotte Rayburn
Ben Robinson
Caroline Shipka
Ann Skinner
Becky Smith
Mary Stuart-Alderman
William Sutherland
Janette Tiley
Judy Walker
Mandy Walters
Claire Harris White
Burrell and Nancy Williams
Ruth Wilwerding



Michelle Blakley
Deyanira Blount
Monica Cabral
Barbara Catenaci
Mary Green
Olga Guatamala
Myriam Gutierrez
Leslie Hughes
Elvia Jimenez
Jill Jones
Wendy Jones
Cynthia Kirschner/Kirschner Family Trust
Tom and Janit McGuire
Cynthia McPherson
Eileen Mullican
Maria Ornelas
Jane Prince
Gloria Reyes
Dianne Rice
Esther Rosen
Pam Wall
Amanda White