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College & Career Navigator


Meet Kim Kachmann.
Your guide to the future.


The Literacy Center’s College & Career Navigator, Kim Kachmann can help students create an individualized life plan that includes short and long-term goals—educational, career, financial or personal.


“Sra. Kim” can develop an educational plan suited to the student’s level and introduce them to integrated education and training programs and important job credentials that employers seek, such as WIN Career Readiness.


Conversationally fluent in Spanish, Sra. Kim studied Spanish in Mexico and Spain. She earned a graduate degree in American Studies from Columbia University, New York.


Contact information:
Kim Kachmann
Email: kim@theliteracycenter.org
Phone: 843-290-0398


Sra. Kim can answer questions such as, “How do I pay for college?” and introduce you to grants, scholarships, education websites, and donors to help. She can also:

  • Develop a career plan based on student interests and skills
  • Coach students through the online WIN Career Readiness and Job Soft Skills program
  • Help students prepare for the GED or ACCUPLACER
  • Address critical student needs for health care, housing or food
  • Find support for a student or loved-one’s alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Develop SMART goals to achieve a personal dream
  • Learn American business etiquette and manners
  • Teach American Civics in preparation for U.S. Citizenship
  • Identify childcare resources
  • Coordinate legal services
  • Guidance for employment transitions
  • Write student resumes or help with college applications