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English Language Instruction

According to the US Census Bureau, Beaufort County has the third highest Latino population of the 46 South Carolina counties. Additionally, Beaufort County has the highest percentage of foreign-born residents in South Carolina; and, in 14.3% of Beaufort County homes, a language other than English is spoken.


The demand for English language instruction continues to increase in our region of the state. And we know that the ability to speak English improves a person’s employment opportunities, allows parents to communicate effectively with their child’s teacher, and provides an avenue to talk to their healthcare provider about a health concern.


We understand that learning a new language can be intimidating. Our program ensures that you’re placed into a classroom of individuals with similar needs and skill levels so you’re comfortable and excited about learning. We will assess your level prior to placing you into a small class that is taught by our well-trained tutors.


In addition to classroom learning, we have computer-assisted learning in one of our two computer labs. We also have drop-in Talk Time sessions so you can practice what you learn in class.


If you would like more information, or to speak with someone about this program, please call one of our main learning centers: Bluffton (843) 815-6616 or Hilton Head (843) 681-6655.


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