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Fun Facts

Walk into one of our learning centers when we’re abuzz with students and you’ll be struck by the dazzling diversity in age, nationality and gender.


We maintain comprehensive data on all of our students. Here is some interesting student demographic information on our 2013 – 2014 program year.


• Our youngest student is 18 years old and our oldest is 82. Last year we had a student who was 89 years old.


• We’ve enrolled students from 36 different countries, as well as students from the United States and Puerto Rico. Last year, 46 countries outside the U.S. were represented in our enrollment. Recently, we’ve had a number of student from Vietnam enroll and earlier this year, a woman from Morocco started attending classes at our Bluffton Learning Center.


• Two of our current students each have over 1,000 hours of study. These are both basic literacy students who are tremendously motivated to improve their reading skills.


• Our 130+ volunteer tutors teach almost twice as many females as males. Thirty-five percent of our students are men, compared to 65% women. Our morning classes are predominantly female and our evening classes generally have more male students.


• Nineteen of our current English language students have a college or professional degree from another country. Last year, one of our ESOL students had a Ph.D.