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GED Prep

Meet Valentina who received program services at TLC and now is gainfully employed and earns a livable wage.




Our GED program is for students 18 years or older who have tested above the Adult Basic Education (ABE) level and who want to earn their General Education Diploma or GED.


This program focuses on math, reading, and writing and can be one-on-one or small group instruction, depending on each student’s academic level and areas of focus.


After a student registers for classes, he or she will be assessed to determine the level of instruction needed.


The Literacy Center works in conjunction with the Beaufort County Department of Adult Education preparing students to take the GED test.


If you would like more information, or to speak with someone about this program, please call one of our main learning centers:


Bluffton (843) 815-6616 or Hilton Head (843) 681-6655.


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